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The motherboard is the main circuit board of your computer or laptop, and it connects all the other components. If your motherboard is damaged or faulty, your device may not boot up, display errors, or overheat. We can diagnose and fix any motherboard issue, or replace it with a new one if it cannot be repaired.

The screen is the most visible part of your computer or laptop, and it can get cracked, scratched, or broken due to accidents or wear and tear. We can  replace any type of screen, whether it’s LCD, LED, OLED, or touch screen. We can also adjust the brightness, contrast, and resolution of your screen to suit your preferences.

The keyboard is the main input device of your computer or laptop, and it can get damaged or worn out due to spills, dust, or frequent use. We can replace any type of keyboard, whether it’s wired, wireless, or built-in. We can also fix any keyboard issue, such as sticky keys, missing keys, or unresponsive keys.

MacOS is the operating system designed by Apple for its Mac computers and laptops. It offers a sleek, intuitive, and secure user interface, and it integrates well with other Apple devices and services. We can install any version of MacOS on your device, whether it’s the latest Big Sur or an older one. We can also help you set up your iCloud account, Apple ID, and other preferences.

Windows is the most popular operating system in the world, and it runs on a variety of devices, from PCs to tablets. It offers a familiar, customizable, and versatile user interface, and it supports a wide range of software and hardware. We can install any version of Windows on your device, whether it’s the latest Windows 11 or an older one. We can also help you activate your license, update your drivers, and configure your settings.

Application software is the software that you use to perform specific tasks on your device, such as browsing the web, editing documents, playing games, or watching videos. There are thousands of application software available, both free and paid, for different purposes and platforms. We can install any application software on your device, whether it’s a web browser, an office suite, a media player, or a game. We can also help you update, uninstall, or troubleshoot your application software.

A virus is a type of malicious software that infects your device and replicates itself by attaching to other files or programs. A virus can cause various problems, such as slowing down your device, deleting or corrupting your data, or displaying unwanted ads or messages. We can remove any virus from your device, using powerful antivirus software and manual methods. We can also help you restore your data and prevent future infections.

Malware is a general term for any software that harms your device or steals your information. Malware can include spyware, ransomware, trojans, worms, rootkits, or adware. Malware can compromise your security, privacy, and performance, and it can be hard to detect and remove. We can remove any malware from your device, using advanced tools and techniques. We can also help you protect your device and data from malware attacks.

Ransomware is a type of malware that encrypts your data and demands a ransom for its decryption. Ransomware can lock you out of your device, files, or network, and threaten to delete or expose your data if you don’t pay. Ransomware can be very dangerous and costly, and it can be difficult to recover from. We can remove any ransomware from your device, using specialized software and methods. We can also help you decrypt your data and avoid paying the ransom.

About Us

CyberWave is a computer repair service provider based in Riviere du Rempart, Mauritius. We have been in the business since November 2014, when we started as RK Informatics. In February 2024, we rebranded as CyberWave to reflect our growth and expansion. Our mission is to provide fast, reliable, and affordable computer repair solutions to our customers, and our vision is to be one of the leading computer repair services in Mauritius. We value the trust and satisfaction of our customers, and we strive to deliver high-quality service every time.

We offer a wide range of services for both individual and business customers, such as:

  • Computer and laptop hardware repair, including motherboard repair or replacement if cannot be repaired (both Windows and Apple devices)

  • Computer and laptop hardware replacement (keyboard, screen, power supply, battery, and any other part of a computer or laptop)

  • Data recovery from hard drive

  • OS and software installation (MacOS, Windows, Linux)

We also offer maintenance contracts to small businesses and companies to suit their needs and offer regular maintenance of their IT equipment.”

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Your trusted partner in comprehensive computer and laptop repair services across Mauritius. We excel in hardware repair, data recovery, and software installation, ensuring optimal performance for your devices.

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